Five Star winning Transmission Service for Milwaukie, Portland, Happy Valley, Clackamas and near to you as well..

Tom Weedman is a second generation Transmission Repair Expert and Transmission Technician.  His shop located at the nexus of Milwaukie, Happy Valley and Clackamas is an alternate reality for transmission repair.  Tom is a good guy to call if you have any transmission noises or your feel that your transmission is shifting quite right. Or maybe you just want to get some preventive maintenance done, get a fluid flush or fluid check.  Either way call or text him at (503) 912-4578,.

Repairing transmissions for automobiles, cars, performance cars, trucks, whether light duty, heavy duty transmissions or performance transmissions is a super power of Tom Weedman’s.

Even if you have a Volkswagon Vanagon, Domestic, Foreign, and that includes Japanese transmissions… this is the place.

So you can bring in a motor home, heavy duty truck, even a bus and if the transmission needs to be worked on, you have found the right place.

Clearly your vehicles transmission is an important component of your daily drive to work.  So please consider that transmission maintenance can be a good way to prevent a major transmission problem.  To that end Tom here at TC Transmission can handle a CVT Transmission, Camry Transmission, Allison Transmission or simply an ’04 Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission.  Today’s automatic transmissions are becoming more and more complex.  The electronics on modern transmissions are like every other component of your car becoming more and more complex and as a result, difficult to work on.

Many backyard mechanics don’t even do their own oil changes anymore so don’t even think about working on your own transmission.  Transmission work is not a DIY (do it yourself) project.

Whether you are looking for a simple transmission flush, transmission tune-up or a complete transmission rebuild TC Transmission is the place to make an appointment.  You car can get towed for free from the geographical area of 8001 SE Harmony Rd, Building #2, Milwaukie, OR  97222

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